Education & Research


There are number of training conducted to clients taking the advantage that our area is surrounded by natural forests also we have environmentalists and forest experts at our center, who provide training on the following aspects

Botany; This  involve training participants on how to identify different plants and tree species, ways of collecting samples of unknown plants for further identification

Entomology; Basic understanding of insects and pests, different tree insects such as cypress aphid, and Pinusborner which are found in Cypress lustanica and Pinus species respectively can get studied. Participants are further equipped with various methods of collects insects for identification

Herbarium & Botanical garden; Participants get opportunity to visit these parts for training and learning purpose

School visit; Depending on clients those who interested in education we do arrange school visit days, particularly secondary schools therefore volunteers can get time to learn from local students and appreciate our education matters.

Sports & Games; There are session for participants to go in a playground for exercising and perform different sports with indigenous people.

Bird watching; The bird watching session is normally conducted early in the morning in an Identified places using binoculars however interested participants should have their own equipment’s.

Village day trip; The village day walks are organized depending on weather and ongoing activities in that areas, participants  get opportunity to visit some traditional houses roofed with grasses and mud houses also appreciate some agroforestry practices in the villages.

Research; During the application process in the application form, applicant should indicate clearly which part is of more interest to him/her being placed whether is on research, nature conservation, culture or education.For those who need to conduct research on either field should provide advance information to give time to process supporting documents and seek permission from respective department particularly those researches based on animals and human being.


NERC is a nonprofit organization operate in United Republic of Tanzania dealing with Nature, Education, Research and Culture; it is headquarter is

in Lushoto District in Tanga region, with registration no.582. We believe that through sharing knowledge and skills we are sharing life.

Our Mission and Vision

The vision of the Organization is ‘To be the Center of Excellency and raise volunteerism spirit to youths and equip individuals with useful trainings

The mission of the organization is ‘To increase the value of environmental conservation, civic education, research and culture to community.


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